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Social Enterprise Competition winners 2013

We are a charitable trust governed by a trust board and led by an executive team.

We have very few paid staff, who work to build our nationwide movement of young volunteers.


NichollNicholl Oblitas-Costa


[email protected]

Nicholl describes herself asa puzzle solver who's always trying to think through the solution for everything - including extreme poverty. This attitude helped her find a place in the P3 family supporting the SEED Programme in empowering youth to have the right skill set and knowledge to eradicate extreme poverty.

Nicholl holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Information Systems and works in market research. She is passionate about understanding people, particularly how they do the things they do and why they do things the way they do. In her spare time, Nicholl enjoys running, hiking and finding hidden restaurants.


Emma Chapman

Co-CEOEmma 2.jpg

[email protected]

Emma is dedicated to helping end extreme poverty through her career, as she currently finishes her Bachelor of Global Studies. Originally involved with P3 through her education-based social enterprise, Global Citizenship NZ, she is most passionate about tackling the root causes of issues like poverty and empowering young people to make a difference.

Coming from a strong background of trade justice and international human rights, Emma has years of experience working for organisations like Fairtrade, Oxfam, Tanzania Development Trust, and UN Youth. She has spoken to over 1,000 people on global issues, has a Certificate in Social Impact Analysis, and Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania.




BhavyaBhavya Dhar

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

[email protected]

Bhavya is a passionate public health student at the University of Auckland. Her dream is to be involved with public policy on a global scale to tackle issues such as extreme poverty and health inequities both between and within countries. Bhavya began her experience with P3 as a participant in the social enterprise competition, going on to become Auckland Co-Lead in 2015. You’ll probably Bhavya before you see her as she’s always singing and strongly believes every person has a story to share and a lesson to teach.





Hai Sue Kang


Hai Sue is a Korean Kiwi (Kowi) who shares P3's passion for empowering young New Zealanders with the knowledge and skills necessary to help eradicate extreme poverty. A medical physician by training, she is currently working on her Masters' thesis on social determinants of health, while working as P3 Foundation's Trustee, and co-founder of its flagship high school programme, Social Entrepreneurs for Empowering Development (SEED).

She is particularly keen to explore the role of youth in both social entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation. When she is not in the hospital or networking, she can be found testing the limits of her coordination at Zouk Dance, indulging in K-Pop/Drama, or enjoying coffee with kindred spirits.



Ajay Ravindran


A science graduate with an interest in almost everything - from microbiology to ancient history - Ajay has a particularly keen passion for seeing the end of extreme poverty, and a world where everyone has the opportunity to live healthy and happy life. Ajay loves how P3 helps young Kiwis learn more and do more to help create this world, especially for our neighbours in the Asia-Pacific. Ajay is also passionate about preserving natural environments, helping youth get heard in the wider world, and new technologies.


Sarah Wood



Shawn Moodie



Carolle Varughese


Connect with us:

Email us: [email protected]
Phone our CEO, Nicholl: +64 21 260 9445
Mail things to us: PO Box 105-714, Auckland Central, Auckland 1143

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P3 Foundation, Auckland, New Zealand
P3 Foundation is a New Zealand incorporated charitable trust board (incorporation number 2539431) and registered New Zealand charity (charities number CC45026). Copyright © 2011 - 2016

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P3 Foundation is a New Zealand incorporated charitable trust board (incorporation number 2539431) and registered New Zealand charity (charities number CC45026). Copyright © 2011 - 2016