Global Goals: Let's make a plan

We have ambitious new Global Goals

Last year, all the world's governments agreed on a set of 17 new, ambitious Global Goals to end poverty, roll back inequality, and halt climate change, all by 2030: the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

They are backed up by a detailed list of 169 targets that, if achieved, could just maybe guarantee social justice, environmental sustainability and human rights for everyone.

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But a goal is no good without a plan

Whatever you aim for, you need a plan to get there.

Usain Bolt didn't just dream of being the fastest runner ever timed. Simone Biles didn't just aim to shatter every gymnastics record around. And Mahe Drysdale didn't just decide to win gold. They all made detailed training plans, with the best coaches around, and they stuck to them.

Now, we need a plan for Aotearoa New Zealand to do its bit to end poverty, stop climate change, and roll back inequality.

How old will you be in 2030?

Here's the thing: We can't leave these Goals to our governments. We just can't.

The presidents and prime ministers of today will be retired by 2030, so we can't leave the Global Goals to them. Changing the world is too big, too important, and too beautiful to leave to just one generation.

That is, the Global Goals are a truly generational project. They're about our world, our lives, and our futures.

So we're going to make a plan

We will tell our government what Kiwi youth think Aotearoa New Zealand should do. Not what we think - what you think.

We know that young New Zealanders have the smarts, the energy, and the creativity to come up with an incredible set of solutions.

But we need your help!

And that's where you come in. We want to know what you think. We're crowdsourcing a plan to fix our world, because we believe in the power of our generation.

Here's how:

Phase One is all about asking other young New Zealanders like you to tell us which goals matter the most. We've got an online survey, but we'll take it offline too.

But, wait, there's more:

Phase Two will focus in on the Goals that Phase One tell us matter most to you, inviting you to co-create a plan to make them happen, in person or online.

We'll put all that together into a document, and then, in Phase Three we'll take it directly to our government - and to the world, through the UN-backed Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Tell us which Global Goals matter most to you!