Funds for Fiji - Can you help?

Funds for Fiji - Can you help?

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GOAL: $1,000.00

Cyclone Winston struck Fiji on the weekend of 20-21 February. When it hit, it was the strongest cyclone ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere - and the second-strongest cyclone to ever make landfall, after the devastating Supertyphoon Haiyan in 2013.

So far, 42 people have been confirmed dead. Across Fiji's 110 inhabited islands, houses have been left without roofs, and families without shelter. Crops have been shredded, flooded, and ruined. The storm flooded or simply destroyed entire villages. Even now, reports of more damage are still coming in from outlying villages and islands.

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Now, the rebuild begins - and it's time for young New Zealanders to step it up to help our Pacific sisters and brothers.

P3 Foundation is fundraising to support our development partners' emergency relief work on the ground. 100% of your donations will be used to directly help those suffering the impacts of Cyclone Winston in Fiji. Our development partner, Oxfam New Zealand, has expertise in water supply, sanitation and hygiene, emergency food and restoring jobs so people can support their families.

Your donations will be supporting this emergency relief work, wherever the need is greatest in Fiji.

Here at P3 Foundation, we don't normally fundraise for disaster relief work. Ending extreme poverty is our thing, so in the last four years, we've raised over NZ$150,000 for our development partners' sustainable development projects in Asia and the Pacific.

But we couldn't sit by and do nothing after the second worst cyclone ever recorded lashed our Pacific neighbours. Many of our volunteers have Fijian friends, whose homes, friends and family are directly impacted. So we're doing this, as Kiwi youth, for our Pasifika sisters and brothers.

Just as with Haiyan before it, there is strong evidence that climate change worsened Cyclone Winston. In that context, the Cyclone is crisis of sustainable development - and one that calls for organisations like ours to respond. Even as the storm hit, our development partners at Oxfam were standing ready to deliver urgently needed aid. Now, we're rallying New Zealand youth to donate to support their disaster relief work in Fiji and elsewhere in the Pacific.

P3 Foundation will not be retaining any of your donations, but transferring them all to our development partners working on the ground. Every dollar you give will go to support our development partner's emergency relief work on the ground in Fiji.