World Changers Conference - Auckland - Speakers


Great speakers are the heart of a great conference - and we're pretty pleased with the lineup we have for you.

It's not just two days of talking heads though. Because it's a small, personal experience, you'll be able to genuinely interact with our speakers, not just listen - and we have a range of workshops and other activities lined up to - including a few surprises we can't wait to show you.



Doctor Russel Norman is the Executive Director of Greenpeace New Zealand and former Co-Leader of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand.

He brings decades of experience in campaigning to shift mindsets and bring change.





Laura O'Connell Rapira founded RockEnrol, an innovative social enterprise designed to mobilise young New Zealanders to vote.

She now works as a Campaigns Director at ActionStation.





Jade used to be our CEO, and she's still on our trust board - so it's no surprise that we think she's pretty great. 

But that's not why we've invited her to speak. You see, apart from winning more scholarships than most of us can count, Jade also founded The Learning Collaborative, an incredible social enterprise providing dedicated, targeted NCEA tutoring.





Will is the Regional Youth Manager at St John, mobilising a network of over 7,000 youth volunteers.

We got to know him first though back in 2011, when he led the Global Poverty Project New Zealand as they brought the Live Below the Line campaign to Aotearoa. Since then, he's worked in Australia for GPP and then with Fair Trade New Zealand.




Saom is a medical doctor turned community development leader. Since 2005, he has been leading a pioneering Village Development Project in Kalimpong, India. For the last decade, his project has provided sanitation, education, water and medical support to isolated hill country villages. Now, he is focusing on strengthening and maintaining three Village Education Centres in Kalimpong.

P3 got to know Saom from 2011-2012, when we supported the Village Development Project. While you might not know his work, you'll definitely have seen photos of our volunteers helping to support it on this website!



BenBen Scott

Ben is the co-founder of The Lucy Foundation - a social enterprise aimed at increasing the social and economic inclusion of disabled people through environmentally, economically and socially sustainable trade.

The Lucy Foundation's first project is all about coffee! They are helping to create education and employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the coffee industry here in Aotearoa and in Mexico (where the coffee grows!). The goal is to create an entirely inclusive (and environmentally/economically sustainable) supply chain of specialty coffee - from seed to cup.



RicardoRicardo Menéndez March 

Ricardo is the Co-President of the Greens on Campus at the University of Auckland. He is an experienced organiser and activist, who is intent on bringing more diverse communities into mainstream political discussions about climate change. Other issues he's interested in include those surrounding indigenous rights, migrant rights, inequality and the refugee crisis. He's also actively involved in the Racial Equity Aotearoa group.

Because of his experience in decolonisation and cross-cultural issues, and because we know all our different participants will have different backgrounds, we've asked Ricardo to run a session exploring privilege dynamics and identity politics. 



IMG_0669.JPGAjay Ravindran

Ajay a former P3 volunteer turned board member. In fact, he's kinda the poster boy for this conference, because he's in so many of the photos on this page! He describes himself as 'a bit of a jack of all trades' who loves 'hanging out with awesome people doing awesome things'.

Thing is though, he's also one of the legends behind the original Plastic Bottle Kayak crew, so we've asked him to come have a chat to you about what it's like to paddle a recycled bottle kayak downriver.



13689655_10157037324180618_781771504_n.jpgVanessa Arapko

Vanessa is a Sociology and Māori Studies student in University of Auckland and an activist. She is an experienced campaigner and member of groups such as Auckland Action Against Poverty (AAAP), Student Housing Action Group (S.H.A.G) and 350. Vanessa ultimately aims to dismantle colonialism, capitalism, and the patriarchy along with tackling other social, environmental and political issues.

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P3 Foundation is a New Zealand incorporated charitable trust board (incorporation number 2539431) and registered New Zealand charity (charities number CC45026). Copyright © 2011 - 2016